Periodontal Disease Treatment – Conroe, TX

Protecting Your Unique Smile

While cavities certainly get a lot of attention, the most common dental problem in the US (as well as around the world) is actually periodontal disease. Better known as gum disease, this infection can lead to tender, swollen, and bleeding gums, and it’s also the leading cause of adult tooth loss. If you or a loved one have noticed any gum-related discomfort, give us a call, and we can take care of the problem nice and fast with our targeted options for periodontal disease treatment in Conroe, TX.

Man and woman with healthy smiles after periodontal therapy

Why Choose Conroe Advanced Dentistry for Periodontal Disease Treatment?

  • Gum Screenings Performed at Every Checkup
  • Deep Cleanings
    Remove the Source
    of Infection
  • Friendly Dental Team That Has Served the Area for Decades

Scaling & Root Planing

Model tooth and gums to demonstrate scaling and root planing

Scaling involves physically removing the plaque, tartar, and bacterial buildup below the gum line that is typically the source of gum disease. Once this step is completed, the roots of the teeth are slightly reshaped and smoothed (root planing). This speeds up the recovery process, makes it more difficult for infections to reoccur, and enables the gums to quickly reattach to the teeth so they can support them.

Arestin Antibiotic Therapy

Hand holding arestin antibiotic therapy

Because gum disease bacteria can reside in very tiny pockets between the gums and teeth, we’re not able to completely remove it with scaling and root planing alone. With Arestin antibiotic therapy, we can apply the medicine directly where it is needed. It goes on, dries immediately, and then slowly dissolves over the course of a week, bathing the gums in a powerful antimicrobial agent. This eliminates the infection in even the hardest to reach areas.