4 Examples of a Strange Dental Emergency

August 18, 2022

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A patient experiencing a dental emergency

You probably think a dental emergency, though urgent, is always conventional. Whether it’s a toothache, a chip, or a knocked-out tooth, your dentist has seen it all and can treat the problem without a second glance. However, some patients have suffered emergencies you’d have to see to believe. As for what these might be, let your Conroe dentist explain. Here are four of the strangest dental emergencies you’ve ever heard described.

The Calculus Bridge

If you’ve never heard of a calculus bridge, it’s a buildup of plaque and tartar that can connect your teeth and gums. It only occurs when teeth are seriously neglected and not cleaned properly.

Well, one dental patient decided to brush their teeth aggressively to remove their calculus bridge. However, doing that caused their teeth to fall out. The only thing holding their teeth in their mouth was the bridge!

DIY Tooth Drilling?

In the leadup to another dental emergency, a different patient drilled his tooth instead of calling the dentist. At this point, you probably (hopefully) think this was a bad idea. If so, you’re right — he couldn’t get his drill bit out of his tooth once finished. Only then did he call his dentist and seek professional help.

As you can see, always call your dentist rather than drill your tooth yourself.

Loose Bridges Sink Ships

A patient once had a lower bridge held by his lower canine teeth. He later called his dentist, complaining that said bridge was unusually loose.

At the dental visit, both parties discovered something odd. When the dentist tried removing the bridge, the patient’s canines came with it! Apparently, the teeth weren’t attached to the bone anymore and were only kept in place with the bridge.

Sometimes Replacement is the Better Option

One emergency started with a patient losing their dental crown. Since that sounds normal enough, the treating dentist only discovered the situation’s strangeness after treatment was over.

In truth, the patient hadn’t kept her crown safe before her visit. After she placed it on the counter, her dog swallowed it! Even worse, she waited for it to “pass,” cleaned it off, and brought it to her appointment.

While recycling and reuse are usually better, there are limits and exceptions.

You can’t always assume a dental emergency is normal. Keep that in mind the next time you visit your dentist for urgent care.

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